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Sam Jacobs

Sam Jacobs (INTERVALS, ESCAPE FROM ECHO BASE) Sam first broke into the scene as lead guitarist for “THE AFTERIMAGE” with the highly anticipated release “LUMIERE”, and is now the touring guitarist for INTERVALS, guitarist and songwriter for ESCAPE FROM ECHO BASE, and is the backline technician/sub guitarist for Canadian country sensation DALLAS SMITH.

Branching into all styles of music, Sam has also established himself as a prominent freelance guitarist in his hometown of Winnipeg, as well as through many online product demos for, as well as Quest Musique.

“From the second I plugged into a Generator 120, I knew that Revv was doing something special. This amp is a complete workhorse and can get me absolutely any clean, crunch, or heavy tones that I need without the use of any drives in front of the amp. That mixed with the ability to save presets into the footswitch without MIDI, and also being able to use MIDI to program the amp makes this the most versatile and essential piece of equipment in my rig.”

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