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Zachary Pierce

I’ve played through a variety of boutique tube amps, mainstream brand tube amps, and digital modelers, and there is nothing quite like what Revv Amplification is putting out. I own a MKI version of the Generator 120 head, which was the first iteration of Revv’s flagship tube amp, sporting four channels and features to boot on the front and back panels. This head is heralded for achieving excellent hi-gain tones, but there is far more versatility than meets the eye.

Channel 1 provides a pristine clean that his reminiscent of many popular, old-school tube amps, but has a certain sparkle to it which really pops when accompanied by fx pedals. Channel 2 is a crunch channel that goes from 90’s rock and grunge to nu-metal with one turn of the gain knob. This channel is very versatile and is one of my favorites to mess around on when seeking nuanced, mid-gain tones. Channels 3 and 4 are where Revv’s signature, hi-gain tones are showcased in all their glory. Incorporating an aggression switch on both of these channels, which sections through three gain stages from less gain (1) to more gain (3), you have complete control with how you shape your heavier tones. Also, upfront, this amp offers two master volumes, depth and presence knobs, an fx switch, and a master mute switch. On the back, this amp notably offers a line out, master fx volume knob, and one series fx loop, amongst other things.

What is more, this head includes a foot switch which is fully midi programmable. That is, when you hold down bank one on the foot switch, it transitions from your typical switching functions to a six bank foot switch that saves any channel or feature mentioned to that particular bank. All you have to do is pick a bank, set it up with a channel and any feature you want operational, then hold down that foot switch button until it blinks to save that preset. Once you do this, that setting will be saved on the foot switch unless you wish to change it. Also, the foot switch connects to the head via a CAT-9 cable. Unlike other brands, which use midi cables with a series of prongs that are not very durable and hard to find, Revv’s CAT-9 cable is very durable and can easily be replaced by any CAT-9 cable sold at technology stores, should you need. Lastly, this head houses a series of 5 12AX7 preamp tubes, 1 12AT7 preamp tube, and 4 6L6 power tubes. However, the cool thing about this amp is that you can mix and match any combination of power tubes that you want. Personally, I favor a blend of KT88’s and 6L6’s in the power section, which nail the sound I’m going for.

Having taken it on the road and into the studio, its durability is unprecedented. Also, I’ve received a vast array of compliments from fans, fellow artists, and producers alike who have claimed that the tones of the Generator 120 are some of the best they’ve ever heard. Among these, producers have commented on how the gain of the Generator is very clear and that the fizz sits very low in the audio profile, making recording a breeze. Whether you play Melodic Hardcore like myself, or any other genre, the Generator 120 is a workhorse which well never hamper your creative muse. It is worth every penny.

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