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Victor Lee

Solo Artist, Session Musician


“First time I had first-hand experience was at NAMM in 2019. I played through a prototype they had at the time and I was blown away by not only the tone but the innovative design philosophy that provided enhanced user experience. They don’t shy away from modern engineering and features that facilitate practical and streamlined workflow and I appreciate that. I’ve recently gotten the D20 and I’m having a lot of fun with it. My favorite use for it is to have it set up in my bedroom. It keeps me company when I have a sudden spark of ideas in the middle of the night or something to write songs. Having access to inspiring tones without having to fire up the whole studio helps me stay on track while the idea is fresh and writing in an environment that’s not where I usually work lets me be a little bit more honest and get lost in the storytelling better if I’m writing my own music. I can lay it out on the spot through the cab IR output if need be too. Valuable!”

Revv Gear Owned: D20. Tilt Overdrive.

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