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Why Revv?

Revv amplication is built around the foundations of Integrity, Quality and Relationship. We are a small but world class operation that builds amplifiers with detail-oriented focus and high quality parts. We take pride in our products and services and the relationships we form with the people that rely on us to keep them rocking.

Our circuit boards are hand crafted and our circuit design principals are modern and original which allows us to meet our goals of superior tone, and a reliable, well-built amplifier with great functionality!

There are many amplifier companies on the market, so why should you choose Revv products?

  1. Customer ServiceWe want to make the experience of purchasing our products the best it can be, and that involves great customer service. We strive to provide a real, personal experience as well as being available to quickly offer support for our products if it is needed. Having a rewarding experience works both ways, and we are looking forward to building relationships with fellow musicians who seek the same type of treatment as we would expect ourselves.
  2. QualityRevv Amplifiers are designed with attention to detail that takes them to a new level of quality and reliability when compared with other amplifiers. Parts are considered for tone and not cost in each Revv design! The amplifiers are designed using high quality components and materials to ensure reliability and performance. We use high quality transformers, low noise resistors, high quality capacitors and tubes that create exceptional tone, just to name a few!
  3. ToneWhat it all comes down to in the end is the sound the amp can create. Our amps will not leave the prototype stage until we are confident that we have achieved the precise tone we set out to accomplish. We strive to create equipment that amplifies the personality of the guitar and the player. It’s easy to push an amp for high gain, but to create an amp that will change it’s tone based on the axe that’s plugged into it takes time & knowledge.

These are just 3 reasons why Revv stands above the rest! Contact us to learn more about Revv and how we can help find your tone through a Revv Amplifier!



President & Designer

I know how important tone is to your music – I’m a musician myself. Some gear just doesn’t want to give guitarists what they need, so what do you do? Start ripping amps apart to see how they work! At least that’s what I did.

I learned electrical engineering as a CNC repair technician and later advanced into Robotics and Systems. When my friends and musicians realized I knew how their stuff worked, I became the designated repairman… luckily I liked it! 

My passions for electronics and music were finally coming together. I knew I had to design and build my own amplifiers. Amplifiers that provide totally unique tone not be found in other amps, with circuits that stand up to the beatings of gigging night after night.


Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Playing guitar for 25 years leaves you in an interesting place. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my tone habits I had completely settled into, especially having played every amp I could get my hands on. I was comfortable, but a little bored to be honest. When I played Dan’s Generator 120 prototype, it took 30 seconds to realize he created something totally fresh, super unique, and absurdly versatile.

I knew that Revv was special, and that I had to do everything I can to help Dan make his amps even better and get them into the hands of guitarists worldwide. Having managed production oriented businesses for over a decade, I knew how to take care of customers and produce quality every time… but I also knew how difficult the music industry is. You have to be passionate, because you have to work twice as hard and risk more money than someone making a normal product. I took that risk, and I couldn’t be happier to be where I am today. 


Vice President of Sales & Marketing

I was always a tinkerer. My dad’s workshop is where I grew up, and earned my love and respect for building anything I can get my hands on. From restoring old bicycles and drum sets, to building new stompboxes and percussion instruments, transforming raw materials into something functional and inspiring is my joy. 

Joining Revv Amplification gave me the opportunity to build something really special. An amp that has tone like no other, with a unique and fun aesthetic. I take great care in the details and hope that each amp we create will bring joy to others for years to come.

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