Generator 120 10th Anniversary
Generator 120 10th Anniversary
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Generator 120 10th Anniversary

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The Revv 10th Anniversary Generator 120 Rev. B is a limited edition MK3 amplifier featuring custom shop tweaks based on sought-after early Revv models, including the original prototype. You’ll find the same 4-channel versatility, Two notes functionality, & zero-compromise Canadian craftsmanship as the production MK3, but with careful circuit tweaks for a greater response to pick attack, aggressive midrange, & an open frequency response.  

The Generator 120 has been on quite a journey since its 2014 debut. Originally beloved by mix engineers, recording artists, & early guitar YouTubers - we made sure to move quickly on our feet to update designs, integrate new technology, & learn more every day about what makes a guitar sound great. That flexibility & commitment to receiving feedback has been great for Revv: it’s led to developments like Two notes reactive load integration & completely redesigning the Green channel from the ground up. However, we’ve also noticed specific years & variations of the Generator becoming desirable. It’s true: small design changes & component modifications along the way have resulted in a variety of different tonal characteristics for Revv amps even within the same model, & guitarists will inevitably search for “the best one.” While the Generator 120 MK3 is the best amp we’ve ever made, there are elements of past designs we wanted to incorporate into the MK3 platform; so everyone has access to “the best one.” The goal was not only celebrating Generator 120’s 10th anniversary, but more importantly examining Revv’s history to help dial in that extra 10% that makes you go “wow” the moment you plug in. 

Guitarists looking for a modern tube amp with a distinctive voice have chosen Revv since 2014, & now an inspiring collection of those tones combines with Revv’s flagship modern featureset. The 10th Anniversary Generator 120 Rev. B has a unique character that we’re excited to make available to the public, so that more players have the opportunity to get their hands on the tone that changed everything for us. 

  • 10 Years of Canadian Tone - Limited edition anniversary model Generator 120 MK3 w/ custom shop tone tweaks that call back to the original Generator prototype. 
  • Redefining High Gain - The amp that started it all, featuring all 4 Revv Generator channels & signature voicing options.
  • Go Direct - Stereo direct XLR out Two notes Audio Engineering Torpedo-embedded reactive load & DynIR Virtual Cabinets.
  • Limited Edition Colorway - Handmade in Canada with custom transformers & premium components, all 120Bs feature a silver faceplate & black bronco tolex.
  • Level Up Your Rig - Full MIDI control, onboard noise gate & reverb, & fresh new tones ensure you’re ready for any musical situation.


  • Custom shop modifications to the Generator 120 MK3 circuit for increased response to pick attack, midrange aggression, & an open tone 
  • Revv’s full suite of signature voicing options in a no-compromise 4-channel clean-to-scream all-tube amplifier  
  • Reactive load + impulse responses for direct performance, full MIDI control, onboard noise gate + reverb, & more
  • Limited 10th Anniversary Edition silver faceplate & black bronco headshell
  • [Limited to 200 Units]

  • 4 Independent Channels: Blue clean, Green crunch, Purple high gain, & Red high gain
  • Independent 3-band EQ per channel
  • Independent Bright switch per channel
  • Blue channel features proprietary Wide voicing switch
  • Green channel features 3 unique Drive voicings 
  • Purple & Red channels each feature 3 signature Aggression voicings, Cut switch, & Fat switch 
  • 2 switchable Master Volume controls, global Presence & Depth controls
  • Bypassable lush digital reverb (with rear level control)
  • Bypassable tight & transparent noise gate (with rear threshold control)
  • All tube design - 4x EL34, 5x 12AX7
  • Selectable 120/10 watt operation 
  • Transparent buffered serial FX Loop
  • Two notes Torpedo-embedded Virtual Cabinet 6-position rotary selector, volume control, & headphone output jack
  • 100ms DynIR length w/ EQ, reverb, virtual power amps for use with pre/post switch, & more available via Two notes Torpedo remote
  • Two notes editable via USB or Bluetooth
  • In-depth MIDI PC & CC control + OMNI functionality for easy MIDI programming
  • Two notes Torpedo-embedded Stereo XLR Outputs & ground lift switch 
  • Rear switch selects internal reactive or cabinet load (automatically engages when no cabinet is detected)
  • Rear Bias test points with easy-access adjustments for each power tube pair, tube fault indication, & Mains/HT fuse holders
  • LED lighting for control verification & cabinet lighting jack for synchronized badge illumination on matching Revv cabinets
  • 4, 8, & 16 ohm impedance speaker output jacks
  • High quality custom transformers 
  • Durable birch headshell
  • 4-button programmable footswitch included
  • 26.5” × 10” × 10.5”
  • 46lbs
  • International voltages available: 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
  • Made in Canada 
  • 5 year limited warranty upon registration

Includes footswitch & dust cover.
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