The Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive is the tonal culmination of a lifetime in music. Shawn not only needed a practical tone tool to give him the right sound quickly in any musical context - he aimed to combine the greatest vintage amp tones & recorded guitar sounds of all time into one ideal sound. Now that tone is available to you in an award-winning compact 9v double pedal with a unique Tilt Boost.


Tilt Boost was explicitly designed for use with any guitar & rig. It is fantastic for “waking up” a backline amp you’re not a huge fan of, or transparently adding organic push to your favorite existing setup. You can use Tilt Boost to quickly account for guitar changes during a set, or into the front of your modeler or interface for some extra analog love. Use it to make solos cut, or musically tighten a brutal high gain tone. The possibilities are only bound by your imagination.


  • 20dB of touch-sensitive analog Boost featuring a unique Tilt control
  • Standalone miniature Boost circuit from the award-winning Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive
  • Make your rig high-definition with a sound that always cuts & a feel that showcases the player
  • Tilt Boost controls low end for precision sculpting or an authentically transparent boost
  • Tilt Control simultaneously affects treble & bass to shape the response of notes
  • 3-position Tight Switch modifies low end voicing independent of Tilt knob
  • Make solos cut or leave Tilt Boost always on for sweet clarity & punch
  • Dial your dream tone in seconds with this simple, compact design
  • Suitable for any guitar, amp, & genre
  • Get the right tone every time with the workflow upgrade the pros use
  • Give your favorite setup the final push it needs with a record-ready sound that maintains the clarity of your signal path while taking it to the next level
  • Take control of your tone with a simple, powerful mini pedal that enhances your playing experience
  • Boost & Tilt EQ controls
  • 3-position Tight switch & 2-position Drive switch
  • All-analog design powered by 9v 18mA (center negative external supply only)
  • Top jacks & silent relay switching
  • Charcoal black powder-coated matte metallic finish
  • Dimensions: L- 4.375", W- 2.625", H- 2"
  • Weight: 0.7lbs
  • Made in Canada 2 year limited warranty upon registration


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