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Shawn Tubbs Signature Series Tilt Overdrive
Shawn Tubbs Signature Series Tilt Overdrive
Shawn Tubbs Signature Series Tilt Overdrive
Shawn Tubbs Signature Series Tilt Overdrive
Shawn Tubbs Signature Series Tilt Overdrive

The All-In-One-Solution To Your Guitar Tone

  • The Sound In Your Head - Session master Shawn Tubbs’ dream tone in your hands - A unique combination of the greatest overdriven amp sounds in history 
  • Organic Amp Drive - Touch-sensitive record-ready amp tone from edge of breakup to all-out lead 
  • Innovative Tilt Boost Circuit - A boost that controls low end for precision sculpting or truly transparent boost 
  • Simple All-in-One Tone Sculpting - All-analog 9v compact drive & boost made in Canada 


  • Versatile touch-sensitive amp-voiced drive & unique multi-voice Tilt Boost
  • Shawn Tubbs’ signature pedal, who developed his signature sound over 30+ years doing sessions in L.A. & Nashville + touring with Grammy Award-winning artists
  • Over 1 year of R&D, 10 revisions, & prototype shootouts with world-class artists & engineers
  • The first Revv Signature Series pedal - from scratch designs to bring a guitarist’s unique tone to life
  • Drive Circuit w/ treble, bass, level, & gain controls
  • Tilt Boost w/ boost & Tilt EQ controls + 3-voice tight switch
  • All-analog design powered by 9-12v 35mA (center negative external supply only)
  • Top jacks & silent relay switching
  • Charcoal blue powder-coated metallic finish w/ custom graphic & laser-etched Shawn Tubbs signature
  • Made in Canada 2 year limited warranty upon registration
  • Manual, velvet bag, Shawn Tubbs pick, sticker, & more included in box
  • Tutorials available on Revv’s YouTube channel or contact Revv directly with any questions

The Tilt Overdrive

The Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive is the tonal culmination of a lifetime in music. Shawn not only needed a practical tone tool to give him the right sound quickly in any musical context - he aimed to combine the greatest vintage amp tones & recorded guitar sounds of all time into one ideal sound. Now that tone is available to you in an award-winning compact 9v double pedal with a unique Tilt Boost.

Designed to be both the core of your entire guitar sound you can take anywhere & a useful tool to upgrade your existing setup, Tilt Overdrive adds an all-new record-ready tone to your palette that expands your recording & performance capabilities while channeling Shawn’s 30+ years of professional guitar experience into a combination of the best recorded guitar sounds in history. Not only was it developed by a AAA session musician who always has to have perfect tone - it’s designed to bring out the best of each player who plugs in. It drops right into your rig to produce Shawn’s trademark clear, balanced overdriven sounds.

Artist who use the Tilt Overdrive

Ben Bruce, Chris Camozzi, Clayton Bellamy, Eric Bass, Jason Herndon, Jason Sadites, Jeff Stinco, Mike Plotnikoff, Rick Jackett, Sam Bam Kolton, Sam Jacobs, Shane Told, and Tyler Boone.

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