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Do you offer CAD pricing?

This website only supports USD pricing but we set up this website for our Canadian brethren, or you can visit one of our fine Canadian dealers.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship almost anywhere. Check our store page for more info.

Some of your amps have a lot of switches. Are they hard to dial in?

We put a lot of effort into this. Amps with tons of switching can often just make an amp take longer to dial in. That sucks. All of ours have a purpose. Switching to single coils? Need a lead boost? Want more cut? All of our switches are designed to voice the amp the way you like, or let you change the character quickly & with purpose without turning any knobs.

Do Revvs take pedals well?

Yep! We love pedals. The clean channels are very organic & capable of being really clean so you can stack to your heart’s delight. Many players think our distortion is tight and punchy enough without overdrives, but feel free to shape it even more with your favorite drive. Our FX loop is also totally awesome, to make sure you get the most out of your delays, modulations, and wacky effects.

How will I integrate a Revv into my digital rig?

Revv Amps are fully programmable, with or without midi. This makes them ideal for hybrid rigs that include modeling, multi effects, or switchers such as Fractal and Boss. They even sound great through cab simulators, like Two notes products.

Do you make cabs?

Check them out right here. They’re built like tanks and we use premium WGS speakers for clear, huge tone perfectly suited to our amps. The Revv badge on the front even changes LED colors if you use them with your Revv head!

I’ve heard a lot of people call Revv amps “mix-ready.” What does this mean and how did you do that?

Amps can sound great, but generally have a lot of excess noise going on. That’s what makes your highs icepick, or your lows flubby. Even worse, you can wind up fighting with your bass player, the cymbals, or even the vocalist! (And we know we have to keep them happy) Any tone will love a little additional EQ and compression before going into a mix, but we spent a lot of time making Revv amps sound balanced, full, & huge so they can drop right into your live set or studio setup and sound as good as possible. Tight but full lows. Present but smooth highs. Punchy but clear mids. You really have to hear it for yourself!

Will Revvs work well in low tunings?

Oh yeah! Many of our artists use as low as 8 strings and don’t even use an overdrive in front.

I barely even use distortion. Why do I need a Revv?

We put a huge focus  on our clean and vintage-style tones. Feedback from A-level Nashville session & touring artists made us pursue these tones even more. Check this out!

Can I customize my amp when ordering?

100% yes. This is the best part. We have a wide range of tolex color options, as well as choice of chassis color, and even custom etchings for the faceplate. We even have a mockup tool that shows tolex & chassis combinations, & you can order options like knob color right on the product page, like here for example.

Can Revvs use different types of tubes?

Yep! Our small heads are 6v6 only – this is really the best for the smaller platform. Our 100 watt & higher heads can be biased to accept 6l6, EL34, or KT88 power tubes.

Do you have manuals?

Right here!

What is your return policy?

Within 14 days of shipment – if you contact us & return your Revv in original condition with all original packaging & accessories, we will refund you in full minus shipping cost. View in full here.

I couldn’t find an answer to my question here & now I’m sad. What do I do?

Contact us here. We will fulfill all of your wildest dreams. Or more than likely answer your email. That could be your wildest dream, though.

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