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The D20 is the world’s first Two notes Torpedo-Embedded amplifier. This all-tube head has an optional reactive load for organic feel & tone when playing without a cab & hosts virtual cabinets onboard for direct recording, silent playing, & live performance without a microphone.

We set out to build an amp that not only has this new modern featureset but sounds incredible on its own as a standalone amplifier. The result is something convenient & great sounding at the lowest price point Revv has ever had.

Read more to see your own rig-building opportunities with the D20. 

  • All tube. ~9lbs. 20 or 4 watt operation.
  • World-class clean & crunch tones developed with Nashville session greats.
  • Two notes reactive load & virtual cabinets built in.
  • FX Loop, MIDI, & more.
  • Build your own rig with amp-voiced pedals for high gain.

[Some changes have been made compared to the models we brought to NAMM. First is the revised backplate you can see pictured above. We realized we had so many vents that we could remove many without the amp running any hotter. The result is even more durable & classy. Also all production D20s will have a flip-down handle for easy fit into tight spaces like a rack.]

Note on Two notes Torpedo Embedded Features:  As we have finalized the software with Two notes the following onboard featureset has been decided on at launch: Choice of speakers, cabinet, mic, mic position, EQ, & reverb all onboard. However, by owning the Revv Virtual Cabinets included in the amp – you are entitled to a lifetime copy of the Wall of Sound Plugin if you register with Two notes, where you can not only purchase more cabinet/speaker combinations if you choose, but you can also access more features such as compression, exciter, and more in your DAW. 

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