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The best way to hear your tone. Rugged construction, high quality speakers, and easy to use.

Thick yet present tone, in a variety of sizes.

All amp tolexes & multiple grill cloth colors are available (See tolex options on the Dynamis page). 

[When used with Revv heads – a provided lighting cable will have your cab’s badge illuminate & change colors to match your head’s LEDs]



Price increase for 2×12 or 4×12, compared to 1×12 stock tolex base price.

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Cabs perfectly paired for Revv amps! We use premium WGS speakers & build our cabs to last with 18mm baltic birch, recessed steel handles on the 4×12, & removable casters.

We recommend a mix of Veteran 30s and ET90s, which is default in all our cabs, but will happily equip all Vet30s for an even tighter tone – and recommend ET90s for cabs intended for use with the Dynamis.


– 18mm Baltic birch construction
– Removable front grill
– Removable casters
– Removable rear panel
– Loaded with 12″ WGS Veteran 30 & ET90 speakers
– Fixed speaker baffle for rigidity and sound quality
– Input Jack plate not recessed – easier to find in the dark!
– Chrome corners for protection as well as aesthetics
– 4×12 cabs have a slanted baffle set at 4 degrees to project the sound upward
– Four sturdy feet that keep the cabinet closer to the ground
– Recessed steel handles provide stability for 4×12
– Light-up logo
– Input panels are steel and provide an input and through jack
– 2×12 cabs are 30″ x 17″ x 14″
– 4×12 cabs are 30″ x 30″ x 14″


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Ivory Bronco, Black Bronco, Western Black, Black Taurus, Wine Buggy Whip Taurus, British Garnet Bronco, Navy Bronco, Purple Black Bronco, Charcoal Tweed Vorea, Baby Blue Bronco, Seafoam Bronco, Orange Bronco, Pink Bronco, British Plum Bronco, Red Bronco, Silver Bronco, Vintage Vanilla Taurus, Vintage Tweed Vorea, Hot White Bronco

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