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Built in reverb? Beautiful touch sensitive clean & gain? As requested by Nashville session greats – the Dynamis has you covered.

  • Organic & Warm – Loads of Headroom in a Small Package
  • Lush Onboard Reverb – Controllable Per-Channel
  • Exactly What You Want – Available as Head, & Rack Head
  • Versatility – Perfect for Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, and more
  • Loves Pedals – But as Much Gain as you Need without Them
  • All The Revv Magic – 100% Tube Tone, Midi Controllable, Programmable Foot Controller, Tons of Voicing Switches, & More


Revv’s softer side. Great Rock, Blues, Americana, Country, and even Jazz tones with added features such as adjustable per-channel reverb, and all Revv’s normal features and quality in a 2 channel head! Tons of effort went into a warmer clean channel and smooth evenly saturated drive tones.




  • 2 Channels: CH1 – Clean / CH2 – Gain channel with 3 dynamic levels
  • Variable wattage: 7 and 40 watt selector switches per channel
  • Panel and Foot switchable channels
  • Reverb: 3 different Decay options – independently controllable per channel, and programmable in foot controller.
  • 3 band EQ per channel
  • Transparent, low output impedance, tube driven/buffered, serial effects loop with send and return level control ability. (+4/-10dB)
  • REVV Tube arrangement: 4 – 12AX7 , 1 – 12AT7, 4 – 6V6GT
  • Rear Bias test points with easily accessed adjustments for each power tube pair
  • 4, 8, 16 ohm output impedance jacks
  • ALL tube design
  • Baltic birch head shell
  • Rugged and durable design utilizing steel fasteners and locknuts
  • High Quality Transformers
  • Illuminated color changing acrylic badge
  • LED lighting for control verification
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Hand built in Canada with high quality standards of both sound and construction
  • 5-Year limited warranty
  • International Voltages Available: 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
  • 40w Dynamis Foot Controller: incl.
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Dynamis tube amps


The Dynamis is hand built and ALL tube! High quality parts and designs add to the brilliance of the tone and rock solid durability which puts this amp above the rest! Only parts that promise long life and durability were selected and included in the build of this amplifier.

The chassis is protected by a Baltic birch head shell to handle the abuse that amplifiers are usually exposed to, and all fasteners are steel with the use of locking nuts to prevent anything from ever coming loose, especially when on the road!

This amplifier has been designed to last! Parts and designs that will not let you down, make this an investment that will last a lifetime! Make sure your money is going to get you one of the finest amplifiers around!

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