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The Descendents, Rise Against, NOFX

For over 20 years The Blasting Room has been recording and producing acclaimed and celebrated records for bands from around the world including a GRAMMY nomination and Latin GRAMMY. Co-owned by legendary punk rock duo, songwriter/drummer Bill Stevenson and his engineer counterpart Jason Livermore, The Blasting Room is a 4,000 square foot professional recording studio featuring four discreet facilities, SSL console, a dedicated editing suite, a kitchenette, and full living quarters with all the conveniences of home. The Blasting Room was built in 1994 by members of Descendents, ALL, and Black Flag, and is located two miles from Historic Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Our skilled and experienced staff have over 80 years of combined experience in the recording industry, and a vast collection of state-of-the-art and vintage recording gear at their fingertips.

"As a studio we have amassed a large collection of guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, pedal, and guitars. Revv is among the our choices for any project, whether it be the Generator 120 and Revv 4x12 for crushing metal guitars or the "Tilt Boost" pedal for a little sauce in on a crunch tone, the Revv Amps gear is always in the room ready to deliver." 

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4x12 Speaker Cabinet



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