Ian Docherty

July Talk & Dwayne Gretzky

Ian has been a part of the Toronto music scene for the last 10+ years. Most of the time has been spent playing countless gigs with July Talk and Dwayne Gretzky, among others. As of late Ian has also dipped into the world of producing and engineering, notably Producing/engineering 3 Tracks on July Talk's latest album Remember Never Before.

"The ability to get the feel I like by having the amp wide open but not ripping off the heads of people at shows is amazing. Currently I send everything to FOH through the XLR outputs in the rig and run my cab on stage with a power amp. This gives the option to have the exact amount of stage sound needed to make the show feel powerful and full without ever changing a setting on my amp. I can have the sweet spot every night, which in the past was always too loud!

The Revv IRs that came with the D20 rule, tried a tonne of different IRs but couldn't find any that beat the ones Revv came up with!"

- Ian Docherty

Follow Ian on:

Instagram - @Iandoch

Website - julytalk.com / https://dwaynegretzkyband.com/

Ian's Gear

D20 Lunchbox Head

G2 Pedal

Tilt Overdrive Pedal

Revv 4x12 Cabinet

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