Simple Plan

Revv Artist Jeff Stinco playing guitar on a large stage

THe Pretty Reckless

Revv Artist Taylor Momsen back stage promo

Asking Alexandria

Revv Artist Ben Bruce sitting with his Revv rig

With our wide array of tolex colors, grill clothes, piping and even speakers!

PRo series AMplifiers

Fully Equipped Power Houses of Tone


Alpha Series Amplifiers

Pedal Platforms and Pristine Cleans


Dan Trudeau and Derek Eastveld have worked to produce a strong local business based on a close-knit team of dedicated workers. With a focus on innovating and supporting the global music scene and supporting the local Winnipeg community, we call our friends the Revv Family for a reason.

Gear, beers, and jamming with bahds. The boys at Revv Amps go live every Wednesday at 7:30 pm CST. The boys hang out with artists, try our all sorts of gear, and go back and forth with the viewers. Come grab a drink and hang out with us on YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook.

What people are saying

"Everything Revv makes is perfectly thought out, tough as nails, and hits the spot on what it's designed to do..."

- Shane TOld Of Silverstein

"This gives the option to have the exact amount of stage sound needed to make the show feel powerful and full without ever changing a setting on my amp. I can have the sweet spot every night, which in the past was always too loud!"

- Ian Docherty of July Talk & Dwayne Gretzky

"I've been so pleased with all my Revv pedals since day one and even more stoked to bring the new Tilt Overdrive and the Northern Mauler out on our next tour!"

- Josh Steely Of Daughtry

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