Jason Pike


Guitarist, music producer and songwriter for Astrologer. Born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario... Jason moved to Chatham for college and met J.D. Richard; and when these two crossed paths, the music journey began. Jason was great at coming up with musical song ideas while J.D. had a knack for putting lyrics to it. During a hiatus from music creation Jason met Jamie Michaud and Mark Prociw and formed a cover band called MonkeyUnit? After the cover band fun, Jason, J.D. and Jamie started creating music again, and along the way picked up Matt Sullivan who is also a very talented musician. To make a long story short, these gents make up the band Astrologer and have been creating music ever since. In 2023 Astrologer released their first full length album called "The Stars That Fell". 

Follow Jason Pike on:

Instagram - @astrologertheband

Website - www.astrologertheband.com

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