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  • Tube Tone – Fully Programmable
  • Easy To Dial – The Sound In Your Head
  • Handbuilt In Canada – Quality Components & Craftsmanship
  • Mix Ready – Tight, Clear, & Organic
  • Versatility – The Best Of Vintage & Modern

“The mixing process is nearly painless. Plug straight in, and achieve any tone you could imagine!” – Jeremy Juarez

“When you hit a note on the Generator you get that note; no fizz, no boom, no nonsense. Just the biggest, fattest, crushing and harmonically beautiful note.” – Timo Somers 

“The variety of sounds I get from my Generator 120 blows away anything I’ve used before. I have found my amp for life.” – Wes Grant

Revv Artists


We could tell you all about our amps: how they’re handmade in Canada from the finest baltic birch shells, premium boutique electronics and rigorously quality tested before they’re offered to consumers. But we’d rather you just fall in love with the sound instead..

“The Generator 120 is by far one of the best new modern heads out on the market. I use mine in the studio and live all of the time. Great tone and incredible dynamic range!”

Ken Susi 

“I was amazed by what Revv has to offer. These amps sounds tight and big. They are the real deal. It’s the attention to detail that I love – multiple master volumes, fully programmable footswitch and MIDI-capable… I enjoyed the Generator 100 so much that I refused to send it back. I sent  Revv a cashier’s check instead.”

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce

“Everytime I play a REVV amp onstage or in the studio, heads turn. I don’t know that I’ve ever played an amp and had more people ask me about my tone! The amps are super responsive, have plenty of mojo and are extremely versatile!”

Murry Pulver | Doc Walker

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