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G50 is the new high gain hotrod for discerning rock & metal guitarists. Packing a greatest hits of Revv tones, off-menu options, & artist requests, G50 is a compact 50 watt EL34 powerhouse centered around Revv’s Purple channel: the iconic sound of modern rock & metal.

Revv’s Purple channel is famous for its mix ready brutal high gain tone that doesn’t require an overdrive. 50 watt amps are not only favored by many guitarists for their lighter weight & compact size, but also for their unique tone & feel. G50 utilizes the powerful 50 watt platform to combine popular modifications, special order requests, & artist specs into a single hotrod Revv with a focus on a tweaked full-sounding Purple channel, musical Green channel crunch tones, & a powerful “best-of” featureset. With Revv’s new standard Two notes Torpedo-embedded direct XLR out reactive load & DynIRs, you can play, record, & perform anywhere without a cabinet, while a powerful array of switching options, a buffered effects loop, integrated noise gate & reverb, & more give you complete control of your rig.

If you’ve been searching for an inspiring tube amp with endless crystal clear saturation & common sense quality of life features that make your life easier as a musician, you need to check out G50. When you show up to the gig with this compact firebreather & send XLRs direct to front of house, everyone will be asking about your new secret weapon - the Revv G50.


  • A greatest hits of Revv tones, off-menu options, & artist requests in one compact 50w EL34 hotrod amp. 
  • Blue clean & Green crunch channels take you from sparkly squeaky cleans to oldschool amp breakup.
  • Revv’s iconic Purple high gain channel delivers album-ready tones ranging from huge chord clarity, to brutal tight rhythm tones, to cutting sustaining solos.
  • Aggression, Drive, Brig ht, Wide, Cut, & Fat voicing switches + 2 Master Volumes & Presence/Depth controls for fine tuning your personal sound.
  • Two notes Torpedo-embedded stereo-direct-XLR-out reactive load & dynIR empowers you to play, record, & perform anywhere.
  • Integrated Noise Gate & Reverb, buffered FX Loop, & comprehensive switching options for simple & total control of your rig.
  • Take control of your tone with G50, your powerful new sonic secret weapon.

  • 3 Channels: Blue clean, Green crunch, & Purple high gain
  • Shared Blue & Green channel 3-band EQ + independent Purple channel 3-band EQ
  • Independent Bright switch per channel
  • Blue channel features proprietary Wide voicing switch
  • Green channel features 3 unique Drive voicings 
  • Purple channel features 3 unique Aggression voicings, Cut switch, & Fat switch 
  • 2 switchable Master Volume controls, global Presence & Depth controls
  • Bypassable lush digital reverb (with rear level control) 
  • Bypassable tight & transparent noise gate (with rear threshold control)
  • All tube design - 2 EL-34, 4 - 12AX7
  • Selectable 10/50 watt operation 
  • Transparent buffered serial FX Loop
  • Two notes Torpedo-embedded Virtual Cabinet 6-position rotary selector, volume control, & headphone output jack
  • 100ms DynIR length w/ EQ, reverb, virtual power amps for use with pre/post switch, & more available via Two notes Torpedo remote
  • Two notes editable via USB or Bluetooth
  • In-depth MIDI PC & CC control + OMNI functionality for easy MIDI programming
  • Two notes Torpedo-embedded Stereo XLR Outputs & ground lift switch 
  • Rear switch selects internal reactive or cabinet load (automatically engages when no cabinet is detected)
  • Rear Bias test points with easy-access adjustments for each power tube pair, tube fault indication, & Mains/HT fuse holders
  • LED lighting for control verification & cabinet lighting jack for synchronized badge illumination on matching Revv cabinets
  • 2 - EL34 Power Tubes, 4 - 12AX7/ECC83S Preamp Tubes
  • 4, 8, & 16 ohm impedance speaker output jacks
  • High quality custom transformers 
  • Durable birch headshell
  • 4 Button Programmable FS Included
  • 10.125” x 19.5” x 12”
  • 31LBS
  • International voltages available: 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
  • Custom tolex options available
  • Made in Canada 
  • 5 year limited warranty upon registration

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