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Tilt Overdrive out on the road with @hardychump709 playing for @dallassmithmusic ! Anyone else use theirs yet in a live setting?


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Revv Amplification is a company of dedicated engineers & musicians with one passion – solving problems for guitar players. Your gear should work for you, not against you. If your gear sounds good quickly & reliably you can focus on writing, producing, & performing. You know, the music.

You’ll hear us talk about The Revv Family a lot, which is because we are in this together with our friends, supporters, & customers. We work tirelessly to develop cool new gear for you & put food on the table for our families, which doesn’t happen without your help. This is why our relationship with you is so important – you can even join our Facebook community to directly communicate with us & share your musical journey. Whether it’s leading the charge for reactive load & virtual cabinet integration by releasing the world’s first Two notes Torpedo-embedded tube amps, developing our amps & pedals with feedback from world class touring artists & recording engineers, or releasing a line of guitar pedals & smaller tube amps to make our boutique tone affordable, Revv Amplification is committed to bringing simple, versatile, & reliable tone to everyone.


“The mixing process is nearly painless. Plug straight in, and achieve any tone you could imagine!” – Jeremy Juarez

“The Revv tone is pure balls without boom, bite without fizz, direct cut while having lively overtones. Raw power with amazing control. This unbeatable tone comes in various forward thinking packages through their full heads, lunchboxes and pedals. This allows me to always have my sound with me in any configuration or setup. Looking for the sickest sound and most innovation? You’ve found it!” – Timo Somers

On the road & in the studio

“The Generator 120 is by far one of the best new modern heads out on the market. I use mine in the studio and live all of the time. Great tone and incredible dynamic range!”

Ken Susi | Unearth

Hear his demo!

“I was amazed by what Revv Amplification has to offer. These amps sounds tight and big. They are the real deal. It’s the attention to detail that I love – multiple master volumes, fully programmable footswitch and MIDI-capable… I enjoyed the Generator 100 so much that I refused to send it back. I sent  Revv a cashier’s check instead.”

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce | Dragged Under

Hear his demo!

“Everytime I play a Revv amp onstage or in the studio, heads turn. I don’t know that I’ve ever played an amp and had more people ask me about my tone! The amps are super responsive, have plenty of mojo and are extremely versatile!”

Murray Pulver | Doc Walker


  • Tone For Everyone – Our amp-voiced guitar pedals get you Revv tone on a budget
  • The Right Tool For The Job – Perfectly integrate into any rig
  • Customizable – Color, tubes, & more
  • Passion – Made by a team of dedicated musicians & engineers
  • Service – Satisfaction guaranteed

Amp Features

  • Tube Tone – Fully Programmable
  • Easy To Dial – The Sound In Your Head
  • Handbuilt In Canada – Quality Components & Craftsmanship
  • Mix Ready – Tight, Clear, & Organic
  • Versatility – The Best Of Vintage & Modern
Tube Amps


Already part of the Revv Amplification family? Click here to download your product manual.

Besides our in-depth manuals, you may be able to find useful info in the FAQ section of our website, or in the tutorials we regularly upload to our YouTube channel. You’ll be ready to go in no time at all!

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